Monday, January 26, 2009

florida in december 2008

tampa, ybor city, pompano beach, miami - 33 photos
some photographers catergorize this type of stuff as personal work,
but it's not like skateboard photography isn't personal.
i don't consider these work anyhow, they're snapshots.

reservoir bar, ybor city.

across from the skate park of tampa

antwuan dixon in batman

brad cromer and ben gore

party room

pompano beach, florida

gore canal

gore backyard

gore docks

gore fire

planets venus and mars

home cooked meal eaten outdoors

palm trees fascinate

marius syvanen's leg swing stretch

hiding from police

patrick stiener

downtown miami

downtown miami

i call this "the top of a tree at night".
and plan to sell 16" x 20" copies of it for $10,000 each.
i know it's a little cheap but people only buy hotdogs in this recession.

"tops of palm trees at night", $15,000.

more gore house

coconut hunting, gore backyard


honey and ben

boat ride views

boat ride video in "HD" off a panasonic lx3 via facebook video

this is not a museum, it's someone's house, in the neighborhood that dave thomas of wendy's used to live in, pompano beach, florida

other side

end of boat ride

danny fuenzalida

ben gore

toss the frisbee, poke it so it hovers in the air, balance it on your neck. look closely, south beach

largest american flag i've ever seen, miami