Monday, March 24, 2014

recent press - winter 2014

i'm excited to have my work featured in a few publications in europe recently:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

stoops magazine

eby ghafarian is launching the 1st and only all new york city skateboard magazine, 'stoops'.

this is the review from
eby ghafarian is launching an all new york city skateboard magazine, quite frankly because it would be too awesome not to. actually it’s kind of insane that it hasn’t already existed for decades. 43 issue 003, our all new york city issue, is just a taste of what stoops will be. there is a full spectrum of influential talent, projects, and potential in new york skateboarding that 43, or any other magazine, could only scratch the surface of. sure, we have various local video projects, and they’re amazing, but to be honest it’s kind of a tragedy that so little of it is photographed and displayed. the most photographed city in the world has one of the most unexposed skate scenes.
stoops is crowd funding for a reader supported first issue. you may have heard that kickstarter can be a place for indistinctive projects that don’t serve a purpose, need, or audience other than the project starter, this is obviously not the case with what stoops is offering for our community. especially if you are a skateboarder in new york, it would be a disservice to not contribute.
these are some of my photos we leaked as teasers,

rob gonyon - frontside nosegrind - the bronx, new york - by allen ying - 2012

ryan lay - frontside wallride - manhattan, new york - 2013

dave willis - ollie up, backside 180 kickflip - manhattan, new york - by allen ying - 2009