Wednesday, March 25, 2015

43 magazine on vice UK blog

there's a column on vice UK's blog called 'Ink Spots' about books and magazines to check out, and they recently interviewed me about 43, my favorite photos from issue 005, and what i think about skateboard magazines, check it out!

these were 2 of the previews they posted from 43 005 that were photos i shot:

aaron herrington - frontside smith grind - manhattan, new york - 2014

al davis - fence wallie over gate - montreal, canada - 2014

"This is one of my favourite photos from this issue that I've shot. ... We saw the spot from the road, and I just really didn't think wallieing off the fence over the gate was that possible. It happened so quick I was quite stressed about whether or not I'd get the photo as good as it should be, especially with Ryan Garshell trying to get film rolling alongside."