Thursday, May 28, 2015

lovebryan posts: skate not and this is the seaside town

i made a couple blog posts this month at
one of photos of skateboarders, and one about how much i love the beaches in new york city.
i hope you enjoy them!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

stoops magazine - issue 01

over the last year or so i helped launch stoops magazine, an all new york city skateboard magazine.
i also contributed a bunch of photos; below are just a small selection of them.
i wanted to also blog the photos of brian delatorre, dustin eggeling, danny fuenzalida, ben gore, daniel kim, jimmy lannon, ryan lay, luke malaney, joel meinholz, jerry mraz, matt town, and dave willis, but i felt like it was too many to blog.

taylor nawrocki - layback wallie - manhattan, new york - 2014

pat smith - frontside disaster - queens, new york - 2006

jahmal williams - wallie gap out - manhattan, new york - 2012

bobby puleo - ollie - brooklyn, new york - 2012

connor kammerer - kickflip fakie - manhattan, new york - 2012

walker ryan - kickflip - manhattan, new york - 2014

chris jones - wallie over hydrant - manhattan, new york - 2014

you can find stoops at a local skate shop, or order one online here.