Sunday, December 19, 2010

elephant direct trip

i posted some digital photos from the trip in may 2010 i went on with jeremy elkin and posse, for the filming of elephant direct.

the skate photos from the color magazine article are just a few posts back.

these are just 2 of them, click the link or photos to see the full album on facebook.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

daniel snowy kinloch - grey skate mag 03

daniel 'snowy' kinloch - frontside bluntslide - brooklyn, new york - 2010
grey skate mag - issue 03

grey is a free, small format, high quality skateboard magazine, covering london skateboarding.
copies of issue 03 are available for free in nyc at anything, autumn, belief, dqm, homage, kcdc, supreme, and shut.
past issues are posted on their website,

kingpin special photo issue - dec 2010

kingpin magazine : skateboarding europa - issue 84 - special photo issue -  dec 2010
kingpin's first ever photo issue is really sick, i actually didn't think my photos made the cut.
i highly recommend picking one up for some of the best present skateboard photography in the world.
they are usually available at barnes & noble, since they are coming all the way from europe.

clint peterson - frontside melon grab - los angeles, california, 2010

russ milligan - switch frontside krooked grind - boston, massachusetts - 2010

focus - nov/dec 2010 issue

brian delatorre - backside nosegrind revert, inside the rail - manhattan, new york - 2009

the full frame

brian delatorre - frontside 5-0 grind - brooklyn, new york - 2009

danny fuenzalida - switch 360 flip - miami, florida - 2008

rodney torres - kickflip wallride - manhattan, new york - 2007

brian delatorre - sneeze mag

brian delatorre - backside 180 kickflip - the bronx - 2008
sneeze mag - fall 2010 issue
sneeze is a large format unbound magazine of folded posters, out of vancouver and new york city.
this photo printed in b&w, cropped to a vertical page at 16 inches tall.
it is available wrapped in plastic, locked in the glass showcase at kcdc skateshop in brooklyn.
see if you can get them to open one up and see it, otherwise they might sit there forever.