Tuesday, November 02, 2010

elephant direct trip - color magazine

the following are from may 2010, on a filming road trip with jeremy elkin and posse,
from montreal to new york, boston, and back to montreal,
for "elephant direct" skateboard video/film by jeremy elkin and jason auger.
the travel article is in the fall 2010 issue of color magazine (canada).

also featured in the article via sequences are seb labbe, torey goodall and pat o'rourke.
please check it out in person at barnes and noble or autumn skate shop (if in new york).

russ milligan - switch backside nosegrind - manhattan, new york
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bradley sheppard - wallie melon grab - queens, new york

barry walsh frontside airs over marc tison's backside crailslide - montreal, canada

russ milligan - ollie up, frontside tailslide - manhattan, new york

kevin coakley - switch krooked grind - boston, massachusetts

mike fyfe - frontside 180 nosegrind - boston, massachusetts

russ milligan - sbc skateboard magazine

russ milligan - switch frontside smith grind - manhattan, new york - 2010
sbc skateboard magazine (canada) - fall 2010 issue