Tuesday, August 05, 2008

recent published works - august 5, 2008

shuriken shannon - 360 flip - san diego, california - 2008
transworld skateboarding magazine
september 2008 issue
"sightings" section

80s joe staley - frontside noseslide - the bronx, new york - 2006

brian delatorre - backside 5-0 grind - boston, massachusetts - 2007

kingpin magazine (skateboarding europa)
july 2008 issue 55

casey rigney - frontside ollie - brooklyn, new york - 2008
thrasher magazine
photo issue "thirteen" summer 2008

color magazine (canada) put together a group show of skateboarding self portraits
"a rolling perspective"
this is my contribution
click image to get to the show's flickr page, i don't know what happened to the caption on my photo,
but check out all the other self portraits.
the show is traveling across canada.
prints are for sale.
if we're lucky it'll make it to NY and around the US.
there may be a book some day.

[flyer from 3rd ward good wood show missing]

go see this show! work from:
Mike O'Meally, Dominic Marley, Jonathan Mehring, Allen Ying, Fred Mortagne,
Benjamin Deberdt, Joe Perrin, Dan Santiago, Sylvain Robineau, Joe Staley,
Dan Kircher, Josh Stewart, Bobby Puleo, and a bunch of sick artists from detroit.

i contributed these prints at 16"x20" (without text obviously)

anthony schultz - frontside no-comply - rotterdam, holland - 2007

dave caddo - ollie - brooklyn, new york - 2006

anthony schultz - backside kickflip - rotterdam, holland - 2007
the skateboard MAG
june 2008 issue 51
in anthony shultz's "new jack" interview

dan pensyl - pivot fakie - pennsylvania - 2006
skateboarder magazine
june 2008 photo issue
shot in pennsylvania on a knocked over milk container, probably near a farm

wild in the city - documenting the 2008 wild in the streets in nyc.
the photographs from this show are still up as of aug 1st.
i contributed these prints at 16"x20"

shuriken shannon - ollie - rotterdam, holland - 2007
billabong window point of purchase poster display
at a billabong store somewhere, sometime recently, i've never seen it,
if you have, please feel free to take a picture of it and email it to me?