Thursday, October 23, 2008

panamá part 2 - (32 more photographs)

january 2008 i went to panamá, panamá with the creation skateboards team

check the october 2008 issue of skateboarder magazine for full story and skateboard photographs

delatorre and i found street food the first morning

all the mannequins we saw looked like this

george washington goethals oversaw the construction of the panama canal

the 1963 VW van that ian carlos showed us around in the entire trip, in front of our hotel caribe, attached to casino caribe

a fleet of old yellow school busses handed down to central america and painted over make up the privately run mass transportation system

no AC on these tropical busses

why ride when you can take a $2 cab nearly anywhere

spot searching

casco viejo

view from our hotel room window

dvd porno hustlers, dropped his pants for a photo, thought he was going to show us a gun, but he was just loco
then they took a solid grip on my digital point & shoot camera,
luckily they were half joking and we pried their fingers off.

a few hours outside the city, a boat shaped bowl by the beach, playa corona

dave caddo and ron allen

the ruins


ron allen' s swollen hand

ian carlos and his 1963 VW hippie van, complete with bandana design curtains,
security guard with AK-47 in the distance, through front windshield, looked out for us while we skated.