Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ny times album feature

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i am honored to be featured in the new york times, in the metropolitan(new york city) 
section of the sept 15, 2013, sunday times.

the photos above are:
yonnie cruz - switch ollie - manhattan, new york - 2012 
koki loaiza - ollie - manhattan, new york - 2013 
eby ghafarian - frontside smith grind - manhattan, new york - 2012 
eby ghafarian - roll-in - manhattan, new york - 2012 

the online version of the article has a slideshow of more images: 

both the subway skating and roof skating projects are part of colin read’s skate video, 
‘tengu: god of mischief’, available for pre-order at mandibleclaw.com (also look for the 2 trailers there).