Tuesday, June 17, 2014

an interview about shooting film

dan zvereff shared this interview with me recently.

even though it's not really the reason i shoot ektar, it's interesting to hear that,
"Ektar can record about 20% more information on a 35mm film than the highest resolution 35mm Digital ­Camera (Nikon D800) can capture."
also interesting to hear is,
"stop scanning like crazy ... Paper consumption is what keeps the factories running. Not film."
i also wasn't particularly into photos always being captioned as being shot on film, since there's more to a photo than the medium, but i am concerned about rising film prices and the lack of old and new emulsions, so i feel obliged to share:

the majority of my photography, seen here on this blogspot, allenying.com, and in 43 magazine, is shot on film, and 100% of what i've posted on lovebryan.com/allen is shot on film as well. it is the photography i fell in love with, and i can't say the same has happened with digital photography. i hope you can enjoy shooting film too, it may not cost as much as buying an updated $3500 SLR every few years.