Thursday, February 11, 2016

eli reed - tws - 2009

around 2011 when i was redoing my portfolio website, i never got the PDFs of some of my favorite articles i had published. it didn’t seem too important, because at the time it still felt like everyone in skateboarding saw the magazines regularly, but i finally photographed them.

transworld skateboarding magazine - october 2009

eli and i shot these photos in 2008. he had already been killing it for years, but was still pretty underground or under the radar as they say, which i think was part of the reason it didn't come out until a year later. we drove out to boston and stayed with his mom and brother for a few days to shoot some photos, and shot some in new york. it's one of my favorites because, to me, every photo was "portfolio" worthy as well as really sick skating, and that combination was hard for me to pull off. eric stricker (RIP) backed eli and did the interview.

frontside noseblunt slide - manhattan, new york
frontside rock - boston, massachussets

switch kickflip - manhattan, new york

nollie frontside crooked grind to fakie nosegrind to forward - boston, massachussets
ollie up, wallie backside lipslide - the bronx, new york