Sunday, February 07, 2016

brooklyn article - slap magazine - 2006

around 2011 when i was redoing my portfolio website, i never got the PDFs of some of my favorite articles i had published. it didn’t seem too important, because at the time it still felt like everyone in skateboarding saw the magazines regularly, but i finally photographed them.

slap magazine - december 2006

this was an article idea i had pitched to slap. the concept and brand many of us now know as "brooklyn" was not quite what it is today. it had already started to transform towards what it is now, but it was still unfamiliar and intriguing to many of us. the ideas in the article might even be considered cliche by now.

anyway, i didn't think the article would go through, or end up getting 16 pages, since a lot of these skateboarders were not sponsored by companies that advertised in the magazines, which made it hard for skateboard magazines to give pages to them. but it ended up being one of my favorite articles, with some of my favorite skateboarders who lived in, found spots, and/or skated in brooklyn regularly. jay riggio interviewed all of the skaters and did a lovely job writing the article.

dave caddo - gap to frontside tailslide

brian brown - backside 50-50 gap to cellar door

pat smith - frontside 5-0 grind
max price - feeble stall fakie

dan pensyl - gap to frontside wallride
dustin charlton - switch frontside 360

danny falla - kickflip nose manual
jerry mraz - backside 5-0 grind

bobby puleo - backside nosegrind

james frankhouse - frontside 180