Wednesday, February 03, 2016

habitat camping skate trip - slap magazine - 2006

around 2011 when i was redoing my portfolio website, i never got the PDFs of some of my favorite articles i had published. it didn’t seem too important, because at the time it still felt like everyone in skateboarding saw the magazines regularly, but i finally photographed them.

slap magazine - october 2006

in june 2006, i had just moved into my apt in brooklyn, and i was asked to go on a skate trip with habitat down the east coast. this was like a huge deal for me. i think we camped in the woods twice, and in people's living rooms the rest of the time. kerry getz brought his xbox and tv and we plugged it into the generator we were using for lighting up skate spots at night. it was pretty weird to have a video game system by the camp fire. i also remember some of them wrapping their t-shirts around sticks and lighting them for torches as we explored the woods.

guru khalsa - frontside crooked grind - raleigh, north carolina

kerry getz - kickflip - raleigh, north carolina

tim o'connor - frontside pop shuv 5-0 grind - raleigh, north carolina
guru khalsa - backside 180 nosegrind revert - raleigh, north carolina

silas baxter-neal - backside tailslide - atlanta, georgia

tim o'connor - ollie, ollie - atlanta, georgia

guru khalsa - nollie crooked grind - atlanta, georgia

silas baxter-neal - nollie backside 180 kickflip - raleigh, north carolina

when i came back from the trip, it was early july, new york summer was in full swing. i rode my bike to pick up the film from the lab, and on the way home got caught up hanging around the city at various events and gatherings. i was carrying all the film from the trip around to all these parties and ended up at sway. it must've been one of my first few times at morrissey night, when it was always a crazy party. i think i even left my bag down at a booth while dancing for a while. i was super sketched out that someone might grab my bag by accident, or fall or sit on it and crease the film, but somehow it all worked out fine. a few months later this 16 page article came out, and it was probably the biggest feature articles i'd shot at the time.